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May 3, 2017
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Never built a lowrider and still haven’t. This looked a pretty cool kit and I didn’t have a land yacht in my collection


I have no idea about the size of the engine, but I remember Cadillacs used to have some huge displacement engines. The kit supplies only those parts for a stock build and those parts fit together very well.


Door panel and dash engraving was very crisp and easy to detail paint. Rear seat is molded in and the front seat a separate unit. Side panels are spate pieces which makes for easier painting. The interior is also flocked.


Smooth, crisp lines and no flash. Emblems and door handles are provided on the chrome tree. You get a choice of 2 grilles. The lower body chrome pieces are all separate and are added after painting. The only thing I didn’t really care for were the taillights, because they’re molded in clear and not red. Engraving is very good except around the wheel wells making the use of Bare Metal Foil for the chrome trim rather difficult. I painted the body with House of Color purple kandy over a black base.


All the pieces were excellently engraved, and there was little to no flash. The kit comes with a single exhaust with no options. The back of the chassis is screwed to the body. Since I didn’t want a lowrider with gold plated wire wheels that look to be maybe a scale 12” diameter, I swapped in a set of 1966 Riviera wheel and tires. And since this thing is basically a land yacht, I couldn’t resist attaching a propeller to the back.


The instructions are several pages long, with suggested paint color for specific parts, and a numbered list to tell you what part is what.

The Revell Custom Cadillac Lowrider is a wonderful kit. Flash is non-existent and everything fits the way it should. There are really no extra parts except for the grille. It’s made to be built as an out of the box lowrider.

Thank you to IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.


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