1969 Dodge Charger – Dukes of Hazzard General Lee – Snap Kit

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September 7, 2021
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Although most of Round 2’s kits are re-issues of older models, this “Snap It” kit is an all new issue. As per Round 2’s website, “… parts molded in orange, tan, black, along with clear and chrome plated parts, modelers of any skill level can easily assemble a great looking replica with no paint or glue required!”

This is the second review written by my 9-year old son William, an IPMS Junior member. William primarily builds aircraft like his dad, but after doing one snap together car model review, he was anxious to do a second. As this is recommended for ages 8 and up, we thought it would be good to see how this model rates with its intended audience. The rest of the review will be in his words.

“When I opened this box, the model parts looked high quality, in particular because some of the parts were chrome. Most snap kits don’t have chrome parts.

Some pieces need to be removed from their sprues, so a pair of nippers or adult help with an Xacto knife will be needed.

Step 1 was the interior. It is nicely detailed, and includes a radio, steering wheel, gearshift and a rollbar. The seats even have seatbelts! Everything on the interior fit together easily and it was very solid. The different colors on the inside made it look good, but the dashboard instruments were all tan, which didn’t look that realistic. Still, it was a very detailed and nice interior.

Step 2 is where you build the wheels. Getting the wheels into the tires took some strength to get them to push in place, so a younger kid might have a hard time here. Once together, they look great with the chrome hubcaps.

Step 3 is where you mount the wheels onto the axles and the chassis. The tires are real rubber and attach to real metal axles. Once they are mounted, they roll very smoothly. They feel very solid.

Step 4 is for mounting the front fender and grille. Everything here snapped into place easily, but I had two problems. First, the front lower part of the bumper (which the instructions say to put on first) was missing! The instructions don’t tell you what color plastic it is, but I looked on every sprue and could NOT find it. My dad even looked and could not find it. All the sprues were sealed in bags when I opened the box, so I knew it didn’t fall out! So, I continued my build without it. The second problem on this step was the bars that mount to the front bumper. This piece was fragile, and it snapped into two when I tried to press it on the model. I had to use glue to keep this together. This is definitely going to be a problem for a younger builder.

Step 5 is where you put together the rear bumper, lights and windows (front and back). Everything went together smoothly here, but the one-piece windshield and back window was very difficult to snap in place. My dad had to help me get it to snap in. Once it was in it looked great.

Step 6 is the last one. You get to put together the interior, the body, and the chassis. First, I snapped the interior into the body. That fit in very easily. Next, you are supposed to snap the body onto the chassis. This was really difficult, so I again asked my dad for help. While we were both looking at the car body, we discovered what looked like an extra piece of sprue on the interior by the trunk. It turned out that THIS was the piece missing in Step 4!!! So, I had to take off all the front bumper pieces and install this piece. Then I put everything back together. My dad had to help me to force the car body down onto the chassis. Once it was in place it was VERY solid.

The last thing I did was put the stickers on. The instructions show you where to put the numbers, the “General Lee” words, and the license plate. They do not tell you where the big flag is supposed to go. Even the pictures on the box do not show you the flag. Luckily for me, my dad remembered the TV show, and told me it goes on the roof!

Overall, this was a pretty good model. At times it was a little confusing and annoying, but I think it would be a good model for a beginner if they have adult help. If the instructions would tell you where to find that lower front bumper piece, I would be much happier! Once it is together it is very solid and fun to play with!”

One final note from Paul – I think this would be a great kit for a kid with a few snap-tites under his or her belt. The level of detail is nice, and just a notch above a lot of other snap kits. I do think there are a couple spots, as William pointed out, that might frustrate a younger builder. I got frustrated myself in not being able to find that lower bumper piece he mentions in Step 4. If the instructions would point out where to find this (attached to the body, under the trunk area), I think things would go more smoothly. The final assembly was also a little tricky, so be sure an adult is standing by. I also agree with William it was nice and solid once it was all together. Good job Round2 in putting out something new with some added detail above the usual snap kit!

Thanks to Round 2 for providing the review sample, and to IPMS/USA for allowing my son to review it!


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