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December 29, 2013
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Prior to its arrival I did some research for my review of this kit and I came across a statement on a social media site. “My best piece of advice when you go to the hobby shop to buy this kit? Three simple words, BUY A CASE!” Made me laugh. When the kit arrived and I opened the box I thought “BUY A CASE.” Well that was short lived. Maybe just a few. Upon further examination I found that this is the “Sizzler” kit first engineered during the 60s, just newly scaled down to 1/25th.

Still though, fans of early drag racing (early50s to late 60s) are going to love this kit. The instruction sheet points out 6 different variations to the model. By my calculations there are well over 576 possible combinations to this kit. I can see others kit bashing different motor combinations, various wheels, wings and all sorts of crazy ideas.

Parts count:

  • 37 parts on two chrome trees
  • 64 parts on six white trees including the Bantam Body
  • One clear part in its own plastic bag
  • Four rubber tires two skinny fronts and two narrow slicks
  • One 4" x 6” decal sheet
  • One 36 page instruction book

Examination of the spure runners discovers that there is a significant amount of flash on both chrome and one white tree. To deal with this I stripped all the chrome from the trees, cleaned up the flash and parting seams, and then sprayed the parts with Allclad black and then Allclad chrome.

Slingster instructions start with picking which version to build. I went with version E, the “Injection Connection” with one variation of my own; I choose to use the pointed frame instead of the box frame.

Other variations include the “Streamliner” with full body and bubble canopy, the “Slingster” with full cowling and blown Hemi, the “Coupe” with open framework and Bantam Body, the “Digger” with open framework, injected motor and hoop roll cage, and the “Blown Rail” with box frame, loop roll cage and a huge Hemi.

Even though I prefered to use the small block Chevy with Hilborn Injection. I built the Chrysler engine too just to see how well it fit and looked when completed. Both engines went together well but lacked great detail. Typical Monogram construction. Two block halves that include oil pan and molded in oil filter. No fuel pump, no dampener, no starters, very few added details. Both engines come with blower intakes and blower drives yet there is just one blower and one magneto. There is also an injection set up for the Chrysler motor if you choose. The seven piece Hilborn Injection for the Chevy is the shinning star. I also wired in a “Parts by Parks” distributor for my small block.

Next step in the build is the chassis which requires the sandwiching of the quick change rear end between the frame rails. I choose to construct the entire frame leaving off the rear end, brake, gas pedal, seat, fuel tank and front end to allow painting as a whole. Once the frame was painted I pried the frame apart at part 4 to allow me to insert the painted quick change rear end. This worked out well. I then completed steps 2 thru 6 with parts that I had separately prepared.

At step 7-8 the body panels hinder the installation of the engine so I reversed a few steps. I installed the firewall part 50, then installed the engine, and then installed the body panels #44, 49. Next the wheels, drag link, parachute, and steering wheel were installed. I choose not to use the driver or kit decals which are too large for the Slingster and appear from the earlier version.

Overall I found this kit to be a pleasant quick build with nice results and begging to be super detailed. Other than the flash on the chrome all the parts including the Bantam body are crisply molded and go together well. Beginning and average builder will find the flash on the chrome daunting and unfortunately will spoil their finish.

Monogram choosing to reengineer an older model could have added a few of the significant things that are missing from the original. Brakes, quick change cover, various engine components, safety gear, etc. Thank you Revell/Monogram and IPMS/USA for the chance to review the new “Slingster.”


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