Time Machine Mark IV (Back To The Future III)

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August 6, 2015
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The Kit

This review covers the Time Machine Mark IV (Back To The Future III) 1:25 Scale Polar Lights Model Kit #POL932. A 2015 release, this model is a continuation of the previous Time Machine version offerings. This skill level 2 kit is molded in color in about 60 pieces in gray, clear, chrome, updated brushed steel, metal axles with waterslide and sticker license plate graphics. While the kit is fairly easy to assemble the details are small and difficult to paint. You may also need to find some online sources to supplement the build with homemade decals to really make the model stand out. The completed dimensions are Length: 7”, Width: 3”, Height: 2-1/4” and it comes with a set of rail tracks for display.

Construction and Detailing

I started construction with the dash and since there are no decals for the dash in this kit I went out and searched the internet for Time Machine IV gauges and printed some out to use on this build. Paint the gauges or add your own and then detail paint the dash components and install the steering wheel and clock.

Move to the interior and paint the whole thing medium gray except for the flat black rear panel. Paint all the detail items as shown in the photos and add the seats and back panel to the interior tub. Install the dashboard and snap the side panels into place.

On the chassis, remove the Polar Lights script with a blade or grinder and putty for a smooth finish. Remove the black imprinted script and paint the chassis flat black. Detail the underside with some standard colors for those features. Turn it back over and add the interior tub to the floorpan.

The body is already a nice stainless steel color but some of the details need to be picked out. Some of the items that stand out are: rear bumper black, rear panel gray, inner rear panel black, side moldings black, lower side panels black, front nose panel gray, front bumper black, spoiler black, grille black with silver DMC logo, wires on the sides red and gray, cowl and wipers black, mirrors black, rear window vents black.

On the inside, install the windows with some white glue and add the overhead console. Detail that with a few black buttons and silver insets. Once dry, insert the chassis at the rear of the body and move it down toward the front providing relief at the rockers.

Detail the taillights with red and white and the license panel is flat black. Detail the wire harnesses as shown and snap them into place front and back. Snap the lower and roof panels into place. Paint the rear exhaust units and inner louvers flat black and snap them into place and attach the metal lines to those. Paint them aluminum. Paint the Mr. Fusion unit white with a black base and paint the supply lines steel and add them to the unit.

Paint the wheel rims steel and install an axle into two of the hubs. Insert the axles into the chassis openings and attach the remaining wheels to the other side. Detail the Time Circuit as shown and attach it to the hood area with the double sided tape included in the kit. Paint the gravel bed display gray and give it a wash with some dark tones. Paint the rails steal with some rusty washes and glue them to the gravel bed. Then you simply place the car on the rails for an eye-catching display.


You’ll find that this kit has a lot of molded-in detail that can be “carefully” picked out with a small brush and artist pens but that won’t limit the possibilities for this model. You could replace some of the wire harnesses with real wires and clips. You could use real electronic components for super detailing the time circuit, etc. The sky is limit if you have the “time”. It is kind of a “curbside” kit as the hood doesn’t open and there’s no conventional motor and there’s only a pair of decals for the license plates. The parts fit together well and there was minimal flash clean-up. The stainless steel finish embellishes an accurate body of one of the few DeLorean models available. This is a fun build if you want to go out of the box or it could be a real show stopper if you go for detail replacement.

A big thanks to Round 2 for issuing this version and the IPMS for letting me review it!


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