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October 26, 2017
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Company: AOA Decals - Website: Visit Site
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AOA Decals continues their excellent releases focused on USN/USMC subject from the Vietnam war period with this release for the 1/32 Tamiya F-4J Phantom and representing a specific VMFA-334 Phantom, BuNo. 5565 with a call sign of “Lovebug” (and you gotta love that). The markings represent the Lovebug in Vietnam during 1960-69 and later in Japan 1969.

One thing that always stands out with AOA decals is the depth of their research. This scheme has been issued in the past but had some issues primarily with the falcon insignias and the modex numbers which are too small on previous releases. AOA is good enough to have a picture of the Lovebug on the cover and both markings look perfect. Also, there is information on adding fuel tanks as far as which pylon and markings, walkways and color call outs.

Inside the package, there are full-color instructions for locations and details about marking the Lovebug. Color callouts are in FS numbers which is nice and easy to find- the plane was gull gray over white which is a nice-looking scheme. There are two nicely printed decals sheets made by Microscale. The first has the specific markings such as tail codes, VMFA number and the falcons and lightning bolts while the second sheet comes with US insignia, ejection seat placards, and intake warnings. The plethora of F-4 decals can come from the kit or another source. Printing is aligned perfectly and color density is great. The decal should respond well to the Microscale system of solvents.

Highly recommended due to having great research, a great set of markings and wonderful instructions. My thanks to AOA Decals for the opportunity to review this sheet.


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