Modern Cockpit Dataplate and Warning Decals

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February 3, 2020
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Airscale, as usual is a leader in making cockpit enhancing products and this is a new product to their line. Finally the modern cockpit has been addressed with these decals allowing a modeler to get just the right look of warning markings and dataplates. Trying to paint the cross hatch lines of two colors is extremely difficult and these decals make it easy to do so. There are also tri-color (black/white/yellow) markings in the selection. In addition to the striped markings, dataplates for the sidewalls and for ejection seats are also provided. There is a little surprise and a real bonus in this set, a legend giving the name of each placard and warning type.


This may be the latest release but I am sure there will be some new decals that will be released in the near future that will greatly expand their already wide range of instrument subjects. Now modelers can get the tedious markings done as well as increase the fidelity of any modern cockpit.

Many thanks to Airscale for providing this decal set to IPMS for review.


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