Roman Centurion (1st Century)

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First Impression

ICM Holding, a Ukrainian-based company known for outstanding quality, has produced excellent figure kit with this brand-new tooling release of a Roman Centurion from the 1st Century. The box contains one bag containing two gray sprues and a separate black sprue (and bag) for the base. The kit contains a total of 49 parts. The parts are crisply molded and engraved; the detail is outstanding and all parts are flash free. The double-sided assembly guide combines the assembly and painting guidelines.

One very impressive aspect of this kit is that fact that the arms and legs are solid molds and you will not have to worry about filling lots of seems as is typical with many plastic figure kits. In my view, this kit is so close in quality to resin figure models that I believe many in the figure modeling community will really enjoy this model kit.

A very nice bonus is a full-color frameable art print (matching the box art).

Quick Tips

  • Do not add the helmet crest until the very end.
  • Do not add the helmet side pieces until you have attached the head
  • Do not add the hands until after you have attached the sword and shield

Reviewer’s Comments

I built the base first. It is comprised of three pieces of black styrene. The base is so nicely molded and textured that no painting is really necessary. Of course, you could add some ground effects (grass, dirt, foliage) to the top of the base for a little touch of realism. But the base is perfect as it is out of the box!

One you have the main body constructed (the torso, arms and legs) be sure that you do not attach the hand pieces immediately. You will need to first attach the sword (right hand) and the shield (left hand) before closing the hands with the parts provided. Please see the photos for reference.

The kit contains three weapons: a short sword and two longer ones. The short sword is attached to the right side of the body. One of the long swords is unsheathed and this is attached to the right hand. The trick for the other long sword is to cut off the top of it and use the sheath to attach to the left side of the body. Please see the photos for reference.

After you attach the head to the torso, then you attach the helmet and then add the left and right side plates to the helmet. As a final step, add the crest to the top of the helmet.

This is a really wonderful figure kit. The engineering is superb, requires virtually no seam work, and builds quickly. The detail is really on par with many resin kits. This model is another really excellent release by ICM and makes me excited to see what other figure kits they will be producing in the future!

Thank you to ICM for the honor of reviewing this very nice kit, and thank you to IPMS for the opportunity!


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