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Small Arms for the Volkssturm Set 1

Published: December 3, 2022
Company: CMK

The set is part of a new line of 3D printed 1/35 scale accessories. The kit contains one instruction sheet, photo etched straps and a one 3D printed part with four weapons on supports.

To begin, I primed the weapons using Tamiya Fine Surface Primer while they were still on the supports. Next, I air brushed them with a base coat using AK Interactive Gunmetal.

I removed the first… more


F-4B Phantom II Ram Air Turbine 1/48 (RAT AC Generator)

Published: December 3, 2022
Company: Aires Hobby Models


A Ram Air Turbine (RAT) is commonly found on modern aircraft – both military and civilian -- and is used only in emergency situations. In the event of the loss of primary and auxiliary power sources, the RAT will be deployed to power vital systems of the aircraft such as flight controls, hydraulics, and instrumentation.

The AIRES Ram Air Turbine featured in this… more


Luftschutz Helmet (2pcs)

Published: November 3, 2022
Company: Special Hobby

Thank you Bill & Phil for all you do for the Reviewers!

The set is part of a new line of 3D printed 1/35 scale accessories. The Luftschutz helmet set contains two 3D printed helmets, one decal sheet and photo etch straps.

The helmets are exceedingly well detailed and show no evidence of being 3D printed, i.e., print lines, support fingers, etc. The helmet surface is smooth… more


155mm Gun M1 “Long Tom” and 8-inch Howitzer in WWII and Korea

Published: November 3, 2022
Book Author(s): David Doyle
Company: Schiffer Publishing

About the Author

David Doyle is a familiar name and a prolific author of military history books. His published works have appeared in periodicals aimed at the hobby of historic military vehicle restoration. By 1999, this included regular features in leading hobby publications, appearing regularly in US, British and Polish magazines. Since 2003, over 200 of his books have been… more


Display Bases by Bill: 10th SS Panzer Division "Frundsberg" Armor Display Base

Published: September 9, 2022
Company: Bases by Bill

About the Creators

Bases by Bill, LLC is one of those rare companies that began from love of the model building hobby, a good idea and true family involvement. They specialize in hand-finished hardwood display bases and cases and other presentation items for scale models.

I had the great pleasure of meeting them at the 2022 IPMS National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska. The… more


Building 1/8 Scale Unholy Demon, The Marmo Method

Published: June 16, 2022
Book Author(s): Richard Marmo
Company: Scale Publications

Thank you Bill & Phil for all you do for the Reviewers!

About the Author

Richard Marmo is a free-lance writer, professional model builder and founding member of the International Plastic Modelers Society USA (IPMS/USA #2). He has also spent decades researching his family’s genealogy. He has written three print books, several hundred articles & kit review columns, a… more


IL-28 Beagle Landing Gear

Published: June 13, 2022
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Scale Aircraft Conversions provides is an excellent company that produces detailed, fine-quality white metal and resin parts, which are mostly drop-in replacements for scale aircraft kit landing gear parts.

The Bobcat Hobby Scale Models 1/48 Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle was released in 2019 with new tooling. It’s landing gear are pretty simple units with no additional assembly other than… more


Cold War Berlin: An Island City Volume 1: The Birth of the Cold War and the Berlin Airlift 1945 - 1950

Published: September 4, 2021
Book Author(s): Andrew Long
Company: Helion & Company

About the Author

Andrew Long, from Great Britain, is a military history researcher and author. His fascination with the Cold War began with a trip to West Berlin in 1986, travelling through Checkpoint Charlie to visit the East. Andrew’s writing comes from a desire to make sense of an extremely complex period in modern history, weaving together inter-relating stories involving… more

Box Art

RS-132 Ammunition Boxes

Published: September 2, 2021
Company: ICM

The RS-132

The RS-132 is an unguided Russian rocket which officially entered service in 1938. It was not known for its accuracy and in one test had no hits in 134 firings. During WWII, its performance was poor since it was usually fired from great distances. It required a direct hit to disable light and medium German armor. Near misses caused no damage at all. It was mostly effective… more

Box Art

Semovente M42 da 75/18

Published: April 22, 2021
Company: Italeri

The Semovente

The Royal Italian Army began to deploy self-propelled artillery guns at the end of the 1930s. Their purpose was to provide support for tanks and infantry units. The “Semovente” 75 /18 was developed on the back of the “M” series medium tank hull, and it soon became the most feared Italian armored vehicle. The 75mm howitzer was a highly effective anti-tank weapon and was… more