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Army of Ice includes three figures from the Game of Thrones universe including the Night King, the Great Other and a Wight. The set is three separate kits and each includes a base. The kits are molded in gray styrene with clear weapons for the Night King and Great Other. The Night King is 17 parts; the Wight is 17 parts and the Great Other is 15 parts. Also included are instruction sheets with one side showing the parts tree and color reference while the back shows the assembly of the parts. Also included are full size sheets of painting for color reference for each kit

Assembly is straightforward so what I want to do is highlight the differences and specifics of each kit.

  • For the Night King- you will need to address seams on all the arms and armor and specifically the head which will need putty. Nothing difficult but it will need done. The hand holding the sword is also separate to allow grasping the sword.
  • For the Great Other – Assembly is easy with all parts needing a little seaming and sanding. The thing that needs the most attention is the skirt (I know its not a skirt but it looks like one). This is multiple parts and I recommend removing them adding them one a time. If you do, they will meet in front well.
  • For the Wight- Same thing with the hand grabbing the ax- it will need finessed. Seams will need removed on the arms and legs. The skirt again will need slowly built as it does not touch the ribs and hangs free. Watch you part numbers and build from back to front and it will work well.

I assembled all three bases, gave them a good coating of gloss black. To show off the figures, I added some dirt and snow to the bases to make them look a little better.

For the figures, I started off with a flat black base coat and followed with a light blue base. The figures have specific color schemes and I followed all in acrylics. I added a black oil wash on the armor and to highlight the figures. For metallics, I used Tamiya gun metal for the armor and silver for the belt buckles and followed with some brown washes to dirty things up. The blue eyes were last.

I added the figures to the bases with pins and flat coated the kits and groundwork.

These are fun little kits and affordable with three figures and bases. Assembly is not too bad with just a little filler. Size is great also. Recommended.

My thanks to ICM for the opportunity to review these kits.


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