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February 10, 2020
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MiniArt has been releasing multiple building and diorama accessories. This release is a “European Farmyard”, which actually has sprues from other kits of their accessory line, making it be an excellent value. The sturdy box includes seven injection molded sprues and 11 vacuformed sheets with parts for 5 different structures, all of them molded in grey.

The vacuformed sheets include parts a small building/shop, two sheds and two covered shelters with open sides. There is no interior wall detail, so when you look inside through the windows, you will see the back of the stone walls. Like with any other vacuform parts there are little ‘pimples’ in the surface but you can cut, fill and sand those spots and they won’t be visible in the finished model.

The injection molded sprues cover some benches and tables, a two-wheel cart and some fences and ladders. There is some minor flash around some of the parts, but it would be easy to remove it with a sanding stick. You can see from the pictures that the surface detail is very good and fine. The wood grain looks gorgeous and should look great with a wash.

A nice feature of this set is that you have several options on how to arrange the different structures, based on the overall size and shape of your diorama, as you can see at

I could imagine this model set being incredible useful for any diorama from the Napoleonic era all the way to the post World War II era.

Highly recommended.

I would like to thank MiniArt, Moder Rectifier Corp and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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