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April 5, 2018
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PJ Productions from Belgium is well known for their wonderful resin figures and accessories. This latest kit is a RAF pilot in tropical flight clothes from the WWII era and is made in 1/32nd scale. The kit includes five resin pieces with the body being one-piece cast and the arms and head separate. Note that there is a separate piece for the oxygen hose and it is small and between the head and left arm. Don’t mistakenly throw it away. Casting is good with a slight amount of flash and is all done in cream colored resin. The box is your instructions as far as color for the pilot and his uniform.

Assembly is straightforward. Get rid of the casting blocks and seams by gently scraping. Glue the arms onto the body. I used glazing putty smoothed with lacquer thinner to eliminate the seams. I added the oxygen hose which fits into the hose molded into the body and runs to the side of the mask on the face.

I primed the kit with Alclad gray, fixed a seam or two and re-primed and was ready to paint. The face was painted first using Scale 75 paints. Also included were both arms and the legs since the figure is wearing shorts. The uniform was based in tan and highlights added with a tan/whit mixture while darker tan was used for shadows. The gloves and helmet were painted leather brown with black washes and lighter brown highlights. Details were painted with seat belts gray, life vest yellow and the socks off white. Washes were added and a flat coat sprayed. The goggles were gloss coated.

This is a great looking figure and would look perfect in a tropical Spitfire or Hurricane. Definitely recommended.

My thanks to PJ Productions and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this pilot!


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