Iron Man 3 - Mark 16 - Black Stealth Suit "Nightclub"

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February 18, 2015
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Being a huge Iron Man fan, when I saw the new Dragon 1/24 scale kits, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. The kit that I was able to get for this review is the Mark 16 “Nightclub” armor kit from Iron Man 3.

Sadly, I have not had an opportunity to watch the movie, but I will say that being a fan of darker colors this is now my favorite set of armor worn by Iron Man. Opening the package, I was greeted with just a few parts: a head, two arms, two legs, two torso halves, and three base bits. This kit was gonna be insanely easy to build!

All parts are injection molded. The arms are meant to be sandwiched in the torso, but you can trim them down to install/attach after painting. The plastic used is somewhat soft, which worked well for the slight gap I noticed on the torso halves. Some cement and pressure filled all gaps, and the squeeze-out was quickly knocked down with a sanding stick. There are some very minor mold lines down the legs and whatnot, but they were also easily knocked out.

I began painting with Alclad Microfiller Primer to smooth out any sanding scratches I missed. Alclad Aluminum went over top of this. After drying, it was given several layers of Tamiya Clear Blue. This gave it the appropriate shine, but something was missing for me. A quick sludge wash of black oil paint did the trick. Unfortunately, the kit took me way longer than I had planned due to personal issues. I do plan on going back and cleaning up the eyes and Arc Reactor in the chest some.

These kits are fantastic, cheap, and easy to throw together. A great purchase for some instant gratification!

Thanks as always to Dragon Models USA and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this kit.


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