Panzerwerfer 42 auf Maultier

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April 1, 2022
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Company: Italeri - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: MRC - Website: Visit Site


The use of multiple rocket launchers by the German armed forces during WWII was quite extensive. The mobile version of a 150mm rocket launcher type 42 was mounted on a half track Sd Kfz 4 Maultier. It guaranteed a high mobility, especially in off-road conditions.

The Kit

The kit is made up of injection molded gray plastic parts. The details were in excellent condition, there was minimal flashing, and no defects. Some injection molded marks were visible.

In construction, I started with the base or bottom of the cabin, adding seats, shifter, steering wheel and column, as well as the rocket pod cases. The next step was on the upper cabin, adding window guards and motor air hoods. At this time, I painted the interior (off white), also adding a little touch of weathering and wear and tear to the original finish. At this time I glued the upper and lower bodies together and a little filler was needed on the seams. As noted in the photos, the hatch doors were left open to allow viewing of the interior detail. (P.S. This makes for a fragile unit.) Next, I worked on the chassis/frame, adding motor drive shaft differential and track running gear and bogies. The wheels do turn except for the aft two wheels (they were glued). The glue was used very sparingly, together with zip kicker.


There were two paint schemes available - (1) Camouflage Russian Front 1944 (multi-color) and (2) Western Front 1945 (one color). I selected the Western Front paint scheme. I then added the tracks to the frame and wheel bogies. This made it much easier to fasten the tracks. At this time I glued the frame and running gear to the body, and then did some final touch up.

The paint used is MODEL MASTER ©Acrylic for the body and frame, Floquil black for the wheels and tracks, simulated weathered and rust by MODEL MASTER rust, and MICRO-MARK rust and dust.

The decals supplied went on easily with no problems. I also added head light lens and brake light lens, not supplied with the kit. The lens product is by MV product, a Model Railroad item. The rear view mirror was cut from a magnetic strip.


The kit was a pleasure to build. Fit was good, wheels turn freely, although not needed for static display. I recommend the kit to any modeler as it is not difficult to build.

I wish to thank IPMS for allowing me to build and review this kit. Also, I would like to convey my thanks to MRC for supplying the Italeri Kit.


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