German KS600 Motorcycle with Sidecar

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This kit has 3 sprues. Though the kit is small in size, it is LOADED with parts! I love how the parts were organized across the sprues. It was very easy to find what you needed. Each sprue was dedicated to the element of the model you were working on so there was no back and forth. Sprue A was the motorcycle itself. Sprue B was the sidecar. Sprue C was the figures. A neat little feature was the road signs on the side of the box that you cut out and form the traffic post. Much easier way to do this than a decal set-up.


The detail on this model is very good! For something so small, I was impressed with the attention to detail that Tamiya gave to this. The instructions had very clear and detailed pictures which were easy to follow. This was my first ever motorcycle kit and it was a very enjoyable process.


The only issues I ran into was the small size. My big “meat hook” hands led to a lot of dropped pieces (which I thankfully was able to find) and a bit of hand cramping trying to get everything in the right place. No issues at all from the manufacturer!


I really enjoyed this build. Everything fit just like it was intended to. Even at the small scale it was beautifully detailed. The small scale makes it a perfect fit with the other 1/35 scale armor kits, so you can bet this will join a diorama in the future.

Neat little extra, I took the completed kit to a model show and walked out with a second place!

Many thanks to Tamiya for providing this kit to IPMS/USA to review.


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