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Kozak-001 Ukrainian National Guard

Company: ICM


Unfortunately I lost the picture of the unboxing, but this kit comes with 7 sprues molded in grey, 2 clear, black vinyl tires, a small photo-etch and a small decal sheet. First impressions- this kit is very detailed and clean. By clean I mean very minimal flash to remove at all. The instructions have extremely clear pictures and type.Very easy to follow and know what you are… more

Box front

Fiat 131 Abarth Rally OLIOFIAT

Company: Italeri

Editor's Note: Let's welcome new Reviewer Brdley Moreland with his first published review! JN


Everything in this kit is nicely detailed. The sprues themselves are very clean, with minimal flash to clean. Sprues are molded in black, white and metallic, but thankfully not plated chrome. I am especially impressed with the instruction manual. No more… more