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Plus Model out of the Czech Republic makes great diorama accessories and kits. I state that upfront as more people need to hear about these great items. This kit is a European style hay wagon in 1/35 scale. the kit is entirely resin with 25 gray resin parts and a small piece of wire. The parts molding is excellent with wood grain molded in subtly to the parts. As with any kit, each part will need cut from its pour block and cleaned. The parts are well done but it pays to take care here. I used a fine razor saw and cut the parts loose and scraped/sanded away the molding lines. Once done, I washed the parts in dish soap and warm water in case there was mold release and the parts were ready for assembly.

Assembly was very straight forward and quick. The front wheel/axle assembly is first and fit is excellent. The brake assembly is added also. Super glue was used for all building by the way. Next, the rear axle/wheels are added and joined to the front. You can leave this part moveable. Final assembly builds the top of the wagon, brake handles and the front hitches for the horses. Total time build was maybe 20-25 minutes which was well short of prep time.

Once glued, the next task is painting and for this, I used my wood process which starts with a solid base coat of Tamiya Buff. Tan would work also and would be brighter but I wanted muted colors. This was sealed with DullCote and then Citadel sepia wash was added. Then oil color wash of burnt umber added and when dry sealed. These are both generously applied and allowed to dry. Another flat coat and then I hand painted the metal parts with Reaper Miniatures 9205 Blackened Steel. This paint is great for hand detailing and self levels. This color is black with some metal flake in it and looks great. Once this was done and things were touched up, I sealed it again and we are done.

This is a GREAT kit. I can see it in farm dioramas with armor and even planes. It is highly recommended! My thanks to Plus Models for producing this kit and for IPMS/USA for the chance to review it.


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