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March 21, 2015
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Delta One Decal is a new European Manufacturer of decals. This is a Limited Edition decal sheet that covers 9 captured 109G-6s in American markings. All but one are /Trop version. The other one is a G-6/R3.

The decal sheet has vivid colors, with good color density, it is very shinny –on the sheet- and it perfect register. There is very limited carrier material, so I would expect them to blend in and have a very limited chance for silvering.

The camouflage options go from black with red trims, sand with red wingtips, olive drab, typical mid-war RLM 74/75/76 and even a natural metal finish! Indeed a very unique collection.

There is no indication of which company printed the decals, but they are professionally printed, and they are not of the “continuous carrier film”. Each decal is individual. There are no stencils, but some of the airframes were painted over so it is not relevant. For those that retained the Luftwaffe camouflage, you would need to source the stencils from a different sheet.

At time of writing the website of Delta One Decal is not live, but they have an email address:

I would like to thank Delta One Decals and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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