F-15C Grim Reapers End of an Era

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January 16, 2023
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Great Wall Hobby or Hasegawa F-15C
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For those of us aircraft builders, Two Bobs Aviation Graphics is no stranger to the decal scene. Specializing in modern era planes of all types, they have supplied great decals for a long time now. This new set, “F-15 Grim Reapers- End of an Era” continues that tradition with a set dedicated to the 493rd Fighter Squadron located at RAF Lakenheath and known as the Grim Reapers. They are converting to F-35’s and went about commemorating the retirement of the F-15C’s with a special scheme and nose art capturing their last deployment to Poland. As a bonus, there are three additional schemes from their 2019 deployment that feature nose art. Included in the set are marking for:

  • F-15C, S/N 86-0172, 493rd Fighter Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, March 2022
  • F-15C, S/N 84-001 STARSCREAM, 493rd Fighter Squadron, Operation Inherent Resolve, March 2022
  • F-15C, S/N 86-0171 “Venom”, 493rd Fighter Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, September 2019
  • F-15C, S/N 86-0171 Line Jet Markings, 493rd Fighter Squadron, RAF Lakenheath, December 2021
  • F-15C, S/N 86-0178 “Carnage”, 493rd Fighter Squadron, Operation Inherent Resolve, January 2019

Inside the package, you will find full color profiles for each of the five markings including both left and right sides for each. Special notes are included as needed for things such as specific gear door markings and other notes. There is a full page showing weapon load outs for Operation Inherent Resolve (both early and late) as well as an AIM-9 option. Color call outs are on the same page and give specific paints from AK, Hataka, Mr. Color and Mr. Paint lines.

The next pages include a top and bottom profile of the planes again with color call outs and specific notes. There are close up shots of where certain landing gear info goes as well as the stencils. The last pages include information about the pilots, planes and their planes they shot down along with news clippings of the battles.

Lastly, there are the decals. First, they are printed by Cartograf and are perfectly in register. There is a normal decals sheet and a smaller second which contains the tail numbers and several stencils. Absolutely beautiful.

The highlight of this sheet for me is S/N 86-0172 which features black tails and a coffin shaped black decal for the air brake. It has colorful tail and nose markings and is a welcome break from the standard line jets and their gray markings. It will really make the kit stand out.

This is highly recommended to all Eagle fans – it has five great subjects printed by Cartograf and well researched by Two Bobs. Get yours now!

My Thanks to Two Bobs for the opportunity to review this great kit


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