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September 20, 2017
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Base Kit

SAC once again provides a very nice set of cast metal gear to help your model stand out in public places.

This set is the usual SAC total replacement of the kit items, with improved assembly and ease of installation.

The major benefit In this case is the axle assemblies are metal verses plastic. No broken off axles after a hard landing (just bend the gear back into place)

Consisting of 9 cleanly-cast metal parts replacing the 9 structural parts for the kit, the SAC gear just requires a bit of inspection, a swipe or two with a sanding stick to clean up any mold parting marks, and painting. The detail is fantastic on today’s scale landing gear, and it’s obvious to me SAC have been listening to their customers. The only difficulty for just about ANY gear is the scale size can be a bit fragile, even for metal. Don’t try carrier landings with it… .

One thing SAC does that I really like is to incorporate many of the “small bits” on their metal struts; on the kit items, some of the engineering is a bit overcomplicated. Shimmy dampers separate, yes, but buttons and such, no. On this kit two or three really small parts are already on the main nose strut with SAC’s part, making the whole thing a better option. Same for the fork links on the main struts… SAC incorporated them on the main for you, making a stronger assembly.

To finish: Use metal primer first (I like Tamiya’s gray spray primer from a rattle can), you can finish paint with whatever color you like to match the model, then install with superglue gel, thick, or epoxy. I found with this set the primer might have interfered with metal to metal cement, so I waited until afterward assembly for a stronger bond. Less scraping joints beforehand on this set that way. On more compex gear like an HE-111, I’d primer first because it’s really hard to get in there afterwards. You will need to clean the primer off the glue joint in this case.

Kittyhawk improves their model quality with every release, listening to the customers… and SAC landing gear helps by improving KITTYHAWK’s improvements… Well done all around. The photos speak for themselves; thanks again to SAC and IPMS for the opportunity to review these great upgrades!


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