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Tiny Tim Rocket Set for Late WWII Aircraft

Published: September 8, 2022
Company: Brengun

Brengun/Hauler provides the modeling community with items considered perfect for limited run production. In this case, who would have thought the much-vaunted but not really that effective unguided rocket weapon, affectionately called “Tiny Tim”, would end up as an available add-on?

A logical development of 5” unguided rockets employed by Navy and Marine aircraft in the later portion… more

Product Package

Avro Vulcan B Mk.I Landing Gear (Replacement for Airfix, 2021 Mold)

Published: September 6, 2022
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Here we are with one more of SAC’s white metal replacement to improve the longevity of the models we slavishly spend so much time and cash on. In the case of the new-tool 2019 release Vulcan, it’s a LARGE model and the metal replacement is a good idea.

How do I know this? Wellllll, back in 1984, around May, I had purchased the then-new Airfix Vulcan in 1/72 scale as my first… more


Mig-27,Mig-27M Flogger D/J Landing Gear

Published: August 20, 2022
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Once again SAC comes up with a solution to the problem of failing Plastic Landing gear on a “different design” landing gear situation.

The idea of “dead cockroach” landing gear is not new; it is a solution to a problem aircraft designers have had to deal with for years. My personal favorite are all the Cessna’s (Cardinal and Skymaster come to mind) which had the gear partially extend… more


AMMO Paint Set - Cold War Soviet Fighters #1

Published: March 5, 2022
Company: AMMO by Mig Jimenez

FIRST THINGS: THANK YOU to Mig Jimenez and his team for supporting IPMS USA and the reviewer Corps. We collectively advance when we work with Manufacturers who have the dual goal of (1) customer satisfaction and (2) having a great product. Read more anon…

OK I have to confess, I have used some MIG products in the past, and was impressed (Metallics), but had not used “standard” coatings… more

Product Package

SBD-3 Dauntless Canopy Vacform (Brengun Kit)

Published: February 18, 2022
Company: Brengun

One other little detail Brengun does well is VACFORM canopies for their models. In this case, you get two types of canopy closed or open.

Use a REALLY new #11 blade, ceramic since the old style won’t do anything but bend. Use your favorite cementing method. I use blue-light clear cement, it works great and doesn’t cloud the plastic.

I painted the canopy with acrylic, and then… more

Brengun SBD Dauntless PE Set

SBD-3 Dauntless Exterior (Brengun Kit)

Published: February 18, 2022
Company: Brengun

Think SMALL. Then realize PE really does a good job of upgrading one of these kits.

Thanks to BRENGUN for providing (once again) a couple of great upgrades for our use. IPMS USA Sincerely appreciates your support!

The subject of this review is the 24 part PE upgrade set for Brengun’s own SBD-3, along with engine, main bomb, four wheel/tire assemblies, and a challenge to the… more

Product Package

Metal Landing Gear for Meng 1/48 F-18E-G

Published: February 7, 2022
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Thanks again to our steadfast IPMS supporter, Ross at SAC… and to IPMS leadership for providing it to me for review. Metal gear frequently makes a difference in the longevity of your efforts in modeling, and Ross and his team are supporting us!

This set simply replaces the main and nose gear for the new Meng F-18E through Growler series. Although Meng plastic is pretty sturdy, and the… more

Osprey 122 Cover

Osprey Combat Aircraft Series 133, Vickers Wellington Units of Bomber Command

Published: January 15, 2021
Book Author(s): Michael Napier
Company: Osprey Publishing

If not for the continued support of companies such as Osprey, IPMS USA would not have the excellent review opportunities we do. Thanks very much to our stateside distributor of these great books, Mr. Wellington. Was not he the guy who’s Army someone else’s’ Army, named Napoleon, at Waterloo? (Answer: yes) And where is “Waterloo”? (Answer: Belgium). I’ve seen that battlefield from both the air… more


AGM 45 Missiles and Launch Rails

Published: September 16, 2020
Company: Brengun

IPMS/USA appreciates the continued support of Jan at Hauler/Brengun for supporting the IPMS USA reviewer corps with yet one more of his unique and useful products!

Today’s review is a pair of AGM-45 Missiles and Launch rails from Brengun.

What you get: Two Missiles, launch rail adaptors, decals (YAY), and diorama parts. The diorama parts are the transport spreader bars in PE… more

Box Art

Atlantis White-Fruehauf Gas Truck

Published: July 13, 2020
Company: Atlantis Model Company

IPMS/USA appreciates the continued support of Atlantis Models for supporting the IPMS USA reviewer corps with another step back in time for us old guys!

Atlantis Models continues their release schedule of one more kit I did not remember being on the shelves in my younger years. This Tractor/Trailer is advertised as a multiple use model, for both civilian and Military use. Included in… more