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September 28, 2016
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The Fw-200 was an all-metal four-engine airplane that was originally designed as an airliner. As war broke out, it was modified for use for long-range maritime patrol, reconnaissance and as an anti-shipping patrol bomber in addition to a transport. Revell has modeled this airplane twice in 1/72 scale but recently Trumpeter has added the airplane to their line-up. The Trumpeter kit is a great improvement on the Revell kits in both detail and accuracy, but as always Aires/Quickboost has found some areas to improve the kit.

This set consists of new control surfaces; ailerons, elevators and the rudder. The kit parts for the ailerons and the rudder each consist of two parts that must be glued together. The replacement parts are single items eliminating the glue step. More importantly, the kit parts feature severe surface detailing showing construction details. The replacement parts feature a more subtle version of the construction.

The photo of the ailerons shows the Aires parts compared to the kit parts. At the top is the kit aileron undersurface. It contains no detail. Below it is the bottom of the Aires aileron. Note the good looking detail. The next part shows the kit upper-surface. Note how severe the surface detail looks. Even after painting, this will really stick out. The bottom part shows the Aires aileron upper-surface. Softness of detail is similar to the undersurface. I have left this part attached to the pour sprue. The pour sprue is attached to the trailing edge but it is easy to separate with a #11 blade scratching both sides.

The photo of the elevators again shows the softening of surface details provided by the Aires parts. Also, the Aires parts feature slots on their leading edges to simulate the hinges of the original aircraft.

The photo of the rudder parts again shows how the Aires part features softer surface details. Also, the pushrod connections to the trim tab are softened. The kit surface of the rudder is not as severe as that of the ailerons and elevators but the Aires part is an improvement.

One additional feature of the Aires parts is a small hole on the inside ends of the aileron and elevator parts. This can be used to pin the parts firmly to the model allowing the controls to be posed in different angles.


This is a good addition for the modeler that wants to make a more accurate looking model of the Trumpeter Fw-200 Condor. The parts are cleanly molded without any visible defects and the parts are very easy to remove from the pour sprues. Well recommended. A big thank you to Aires/Quickboost for supplying these parts for review. A check of the Aires web site lists worldwide distributors for their products. The parts can be obtained from them as well as from many local hobby shops.


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