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March 2, 2011
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With the new Dragon Tiger tanks on the market, more people than ever are building tanks. I’m one of them. Armor, more so than aircraft, lends itself to figures. Enter Ultracast with their line of resin figures.

Molded in light cream bubble free resin, this figure features two heads, one with a headset and one without. The headset head has a nice action pose of the commander yelling. The neck is nicely rounded so you can articulate the head as you want, up, down, and left or right, excellent flexibility.

You also get two left and three right arms so you can pick and choose how you want your figure to look. The arms are keyed with square pegs so you can alter the look of the parts easily. Amazingly the thumbs are not grouped with the others and articulated and perfectly molded.

The body has a natural lean to the side for posing it inside the turret. Unlike some figures this one is a complete body. It is also a single piece of resin with only tiny pour blocks at the bottom of the feet so there is virtually no cleanup. Amazing casting. The P-38 holster is particularly well done.

Actually all the pour blocks are remarkably small so removing the pieces from them is very easy and cleanup will be a breeze.

These are some remarkably well done resin pieces. That combined with easy cleanup makes this an ideal first figure. The complicated uniform camouflage will prove challenging but quite rewarding. Perfect casting with small pour blocks, multiple pose arms, a single piece body, plus two perfectly cast heads makes this figure a winner.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Ultracast and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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