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Henschel Hs-126: Camera On #30

Published: June 1, 2023
Book Author(s): Robert Panek
Company: Mushroom Model Publications - MMP Books

Historical Background

The Henschel HS-126 was a parasol wing single engine army cooperation aircraft developed for the Luftwaffe early in 1937. At the beginning, problems were experienced with the engines, and some changes had to be made, but the first production model, HS-126A-1 came into service in 1938. Soon, an upgraded model, the HS-126B-1 came into use, and that became the… more

Box Art

B-17F Flying Fortress

Published: May 11, 2023
Company: HK Models Co.

The B-17 Flying Fortress. Is there a more iconic aircraft of WWII? I’ve always loved the aircraft, especially the B-17F. The beginning of the air war in Europe was spearheaded by the B-17F. The most famous is the ‘Memphis Belle’, but there were other B-17s that flew much longer than that. One of those was assigned to the 303rd Bomb Group, ‘Knockout Dropper’ was one of the first B-17s in the… more

Front Cover

The Fall of the Luftwaffe in Colour-Battle of Britain, 1940

Published: April 19, 2022
Book Author(s): Clive J. M. Ellis
Company: Key Publishing Ltd

The emergence of colorized photos has been controversial amongst historians and certainly modelers. The practice has come a long way and as the technology gets more advanced even better results will prove difficult for people to tell the difference.

The latest book from Key Books embraces the colorization process and I have to say the results are pretty good. Set in the Battle of… more

Front Cover

AB 205 Huey in Italian Army Service

Published: March 15, 2022
Book Author(s): Federico Anselmino
Company: Aviation Collectibles

This latest title from Italian Aviation Series, AB 205 Huey in Italian Army Service, comes in a paperback book with high quality paper on 64 pages. There are plenty of pictures, over 140, and full color profiles that we’ll surely keep modelers entertained. The text is Italian and English and the English reads very well. The thing that really makes this book stand out is the color photos. All… more

Front Cover

Warsaw Pact - Volume 1

Published: February 21, 2022
Book Author(s): Marcin Górecki
Company: Kagero Publishing

Kagero has always had some first-class books with plenty of great reference profiles. This is the seventh in the series of their new series, Camouflage & Decals. This softbound book contains 40 pages of A4 format on high quality paper with profiles and some plan views of numerous airframes. The book is wrapped in a resealable baggie that protects the book and the decals from damage.



US Pilots & Ground Personnel (Vietnam War)

Published: February 20, 2022
Company: ICM

Finding figures in 1/48th scale for Vietnam is a pretty hard chore. Whether you want to depict USAF or Army helicopter pilots your choices in the past have been pretty slim. Well thanks to ICM there is at least a new option.

Inside of the sturdy cardboard box is a single sprue of individually wrapped light grey plastic and a single page of full color instructions.

The plastic… more


US Aviation Armament

Published: February 20, 2022
Company: ICM

With the recent release of many Vietnam era aircraft such as the B-26K, OV-10A and the OV-2 it was inevitable that you would want a variety of armament slung underneath these aircraft, particularly the B-26K. Well, ICM is providing you with plenty of options.

Packaged in a very sturdy cardboard box with a cover, the box contains two of each of two sprues for a total of four sprues. My… more


US Helicopter Pilots (Vietnam War)

Published: February 13, 2022
Company: ICM

Figures from the Vietnam War are few and far between, especially helicopter crew. With the ICM release of the 1/32nd scale AH-1G they have released a kit of THREE Vietnam helicopter crewmembers.

Packed inside a typical sturdy box are three plastic sprue of light grey plastic that features the parts for the three figures. Two of the sprues are the same with both APH-5 and SPH-4 helmets… more


Do-217N Wheels & Paint Masks-Early B

Published: February 6, 2022
Company: Aires Hobby Models

The Do-217N is a unique version of the venerable Do-217. Designed as a night fighter it was really just too slow to catch the bombers. It wasn’t useless but it did have its share of problems.

ICM released their kit of this airplane in 2020. It was… more


AH-1G Late Production

Published: February 6, 2022
Company: ICM

Before I begin this review I think it is important to know that I flew Cobras in the Army and now fly them with the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, so I am intimately familiar with them. So I tend to be a little bit of a nit picker or rivet counter when it comes to Cobras. Please forgive me.

When ICM released the AH-1G Cobra in 1/32nd scale there was much rejoicing in the… more