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Pegasus Hobbies is a small model company that, while geared mostly towards war gaming, has produced some very nice models over the past few years. I’ve built a few of their models, so when their new Panzer 38T came up for review, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Pegasus Hobbies Panzer 38T kit actually contains two full kits. Each tank comes in 27 pieces on 4 sprues. Since the model is aimed at gaming, construction is very simple, with the entire suspension, road wheels and sprockets, and tracks molded as a single piece. Detail throughout the model is crisp, and while it may be a bit over sized, this helps later with weathering. The only real downfall to the molding is that the main and machine guns are solid and need to have the ends drilled. [Not the hardest task, yet the machine guns do take a steady hand to drill]. Additionally, there are no decals included in the kit.

Construction was very easy. In truth, it only took about an hour to assemble each tank. It could have taken less time; however I did find clamping a few pieces and allowing them to set up eliminated possible gaps in two areas on the front hull. As it stands, I ended up with no gaps, minimal sanding, and virtually no visible seams. I only found a single spot to add filler on the rear of the tank where the exhaust glues in. But, then again, if you are one that likes to dirty things up with a little mud and rust; this is one spot that would weather rather quickly.

I shot both tanks in Tamiya German grey. I then gave the models a clear coat of future and went hunting through the stash for a kit with appropriately sized Baltic crosses. I found perfectly sized decals in a Dragon 1/72 Bergepanzer Tiger kit. [As it turns out, I also found the Bergepanzer kit only needed to have the vinyl tracks glued and it would be finished.] After putting on a pair of crosses [with a little Solvaset], both tanks received an oil wash of Paynes Grey. Once the Testors Acrylic Dull coat was sprayed, both tanks were drybrushed with Tamiya’s weathering kit light grey, and then some rust and dirt was added.

While they are not the mode detailed kits in my collection, they still look very good next to my StuGs and Tigers. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy build [that still looks good] to distract you from that battleship with its 15 pounds of photoetch, or you need a nice little Panzer 38T to add to the collection, Pegasus hobbies has you covered. I would like to thank Pegasus Hobbies for providing the review sample and IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it. Happy Modeling!


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