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October 18, 2010
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Company: Eduard - Website: Visit Site
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Ok, the boys from Eduard have another offering for this famous French kite. In this newest boxing we find 78 plastic parts; a photoetch fret; an express mask, and a beautiful set of decals. These cover the six options which include French, RFC and Italian services. I will omit a history lesson and go on to the build.

The construction is straightforward; my only gripe is that part A25 is too long and the instruction sheet seems vague in regards to it. Right or wrong, I just cut off the nub it left and sanded the bottom side flush. Everything else was smooth sailing adding the photoetch bits along the way. I added the decals early on in the build simply for the ease of doing them while the areas were still accessible.

I really enjoy the Eduard kits and consider them to be outstanding in fit and detail. I finished the build completely out of box without adding any embellishments for the review.

I will certainly be added the rigging soon. Not seen in the option I chose is the top wing mounted Lewis machine gun which is made up with several photo etch bits, a real beauty.

Thanks to the folks at Eduard and IPMS.


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