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January 31, 2017
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Eduard continues their Brassin series armament releases for 1/32nd scale aircraft with Mk. 82 low drag, general purpose bombs which are in use around the world. This set is your basic dumb bomb with a low drag configuration with no guidance systems or retardation fins. This set is comprised of thirty parts; twelve of which are the bomb fronts and the fins. The remaining eighteen are fusing/plugging options. There are three choices- standard fuse and the extended fuse and lastly, the plug installed to the nose to cover the internal parts. Casting is excellent with no pinholes and great definition. There are no seams on the parts to sand.

Preparation is simple. The tail fins and the main body need to have their casting block removed and this is where planning pays off. The smoother and straighter these are, the less filling will be done later. Mine were good but I had a slight seam which was fixed with glazing putty smooth with a cotton bud dampened in lacquer thinner. Couple repetitions and we were good to go. I drilled out the nose slightly making sure not to damage it and attached toothpicks to allow them to be held while painting. I primed the bombs with Alclad gray primer and let dry overnight. I also decided to paint the yellow nose stripe as the yellow decals give me fits. I sprayed Tamiya yellow on the nose and let dry. I masked with a strip of Tamiya tape and sprayed the rest of the parts olive drab from Xtracolor. I let this set for a day and added the decals. which cover the rest of the markings. They applied well. I added a black Flory wash, let it dry and wiped clean. A flat coat the then the fuse tips were given a coat of silver.

Another great set with superb detail and much superior to the offerings in kits. Highly recommended. My thanks to all the excellent folks and Eduard for the opportunity to review this.


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