F4U F6F Ribbed Diamond Thread Wheels Set

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1/48 Scale F4U/F6F Kits
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Hauler-Brengun is well known as a supplier of high-quality aftermarket detail parts for aircraft, as well as other subjects. In this review, we will look at a set of tires for 1/48th F4U Corsairs and F6F Hellcats. In fact, Brengun has released six different sets of tires for F4U Corsairs. These six sets can be found at https://www.hauler.cz/e-shop/1-48-accessories-22.

The product package will be very familiar to Brengun fans. The envelope consists of a clear material which allows for an excellent view of the two tires and two replacement rims within. The familiar red Brengun data card and a piece of thick black cardstock keeps the wheels and rims safe from harm.

Each of the two resin tires is molded as a single piece and are attached to the same parts runner. There are no seams and therefore, there is no mold ridge to file down along the circumference of the tires. There is a portion of each tire that is “flattened”, so be sure to put that flat surface into contact with the “ground”.

The two replacement rims are also attached to a single parts runner. It will be necessary to remove some rather small bits of flash from some of the tear-drop shaped holes in the rims. Caution will be needed when removing this flash as the rims are rather thin. It may be wise to remove the flash prior to removing the rims from the parts runner.

A razor saw can be used to separate the tires from the part carrier but do be careful when removing any residue from the tires to avoid damaging the treads. My usual approach in this case is to use a #11 Xacto to gently scrap off any debris from the tires.

This product is highly recommended for its ease of use, fine detail on all surfaces of the tires, quality of the molding, and sturdy packaging. Thanks to Hauler-Brengun for providing this item to IPMS for review.


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