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July 20, 2015
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Tony Butler
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52 pages, softbound, color and BW photos
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Warpaint Series #99
Provided by: Guideline Publications - Website: Visit Site

If you have never have had the chance to review one of Guidelines Warpaint series, here’s a brief description. First they provide a complete and detailed history of the subject including a complete production list of air frames, Squadron which used the plane along with a list of serial numbers and codes and a comprehensive specification list covering the technical aspects of the plane. By this, they have the historians covered. Secondly, they have 1:72nd scale multiple view plans. Also included are detail pictures, pages of superb color camouflage drawings and photography in color and black and white. There is also a list of kits, decal and accessory list. Modelers are covered too.

The Demon book starts with the development jets , No. 58 and 60 that led to the F3H Demon. There are roll out shots and other proposed designs as wells a Data & Airframe table giving measurements and data of all the variants. A good deal of the time discussing development is centered around it engine and lack of power. Another page has overlays of the major variants showing just how much the plane changed throughout its period of use.

The remainder of the text covers the service career of the Demon and includes a list of all the build numbers by type, the Squadrons and Units where the Demon was assigned. There is also a section dealing with actually flying the Demon and its flight characteristics and some its deficiencies (it had a tendency to flame out if taken through a driving rain storm- yikes!).

The above makes for excellent reading but where this books shines is the photos, color, plates and modelers section. The 52 pages are peppered with color and black and white photos of everything Demon! There are action shots. There are hanger shots. The retirement ceremony and a detail shot section for modelers. There are seven pages of marking plates in full color with descriptions of each plane. In the middle, there are 1/72 scale all view drawings. Lastly, the picture below has all things modeling and Demon related. The pages lists the kits and kit numbers, the resin, photoetch and decals available. This is awesome.

Do I sound a bit like a fan boy? Well, I am. This book is needed for all fans of the Demon. It has the detail, pictures and reference to either read about the plane or detail a masterpiece.

Highly recommended and really a necessity and even better, a great deal for $23.00.

My thanks to Guideline Publications and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this super reference.


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