Aces High Aircraft Modeling Magazine, Issue 2

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October 27, 2014
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AK 2902
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AK Interactive offers a wide variety of items for the modeler, from paint and weathering sets and books, to model kits. The website is easy to navigate and offers a button to provide an “English” translation. Another button offers a currency exchange calculator from Euros (the posted pricing) to US dollars.

AK is on Facebook and has a You-Tube presence. To quote the AK You-Tube link, “AK's Official Youtube Channel (will) show Advanced Techniques, Tutorials, Tips & Tricks and many more things. Currently working on it :-)”

AK provided a copy of “Ace High” Issue No.2 for review. This issue focuses on aircraft of World War I, being labeled a “Centenary” edition. Also included are three additional articles featuring a set of figures, a truck, and a piece of airfield equipment, a German Fuel Cart and a Mack AC Truck

Let it be clear that AK wants the reader to use the line of AK paints that are available, but far more than a self-promotional publication this issue of Aces High is a “How to” in achieving some spectacular painting effects and assembly using some of the outstanding WWI kits in today’s market.

An example of AK’s “how to” approach is found on page 29 (image provided). The reader is provided with a clearly worded description of what is being seen in the excellent images within the article. It is a Show and Tell approach that is clear, concise, and high informative. Also one will notice the inclusion of some of the materials used in creating the excellent effects that were obtained by the author of the article, in this case the very talented Juan Villegas.

The articles included in this issue are:

  • D.H.2 using the Wingnut Wings kit by Jose Fernandez
  • Sopwith Pup using the Wingnut Wings kit by Juan Villegas
  • Fokker Dr. 1 using the 1/48th Eduard kit by Miguel Morales
  • Hanover CL.II using the Wingnut Wings kit by Tomek Wajnkaim
  • Nieuport 23 using the Eduard kit by Ricardo Abad Medina
  • “A Tense Wait”, and a vignette of two figures from the Aviattic catalog, sculpted by Steve Warrilow with the vignette by Roberto Ramirez
  • German Fuel Cart in 1/32nd scale
  • Bulldog by Mack AC model by Francisco J. Martinez

This one issue of Aces High will keep you busy for many months if you wish to follow it as a guide and try your hand at some or all of these projects. In the end, it would be difficult to imagine that one’s skills would fail to take a considerable leap forward by using this book as a tool when working on these projects.

This publication is highly recommended. It is a great value for the price of the publication and is an excellent modeling tool, especially for those who enjoy World War I subjects. Thanks to AK Interactive for this review copy. Gracias por esta excelente publicacion. Se recomienda encarecidament.


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