The Marmo Method Modelbuilding Guide #9 From An E-Book To A Hard Copy (or How To Print A PDF)

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June 4, 2022
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Richard Marmo
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Company: Richard Marmo - Website: Visit Site
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The 9th e-book from Richard Marmo has to do with turning an e-book into a hard copy to keep on your shelf.

I relate well to this title as I am one of the old school who still prefers paper to pixels. While I am willing to read books on my phone when it comes to model related material, I would much rather have it flat on my desk to review rather than on a computer or phone screen.

Richards smaller than usual e-book actually points to these concerns during his introduction. The Basics covers the different types of formats available and brings up copyright concerns.

The then jumps into the meat of the topic with what is needed to print, namely a computer, printer, Adobe Reader and even discusses the different types of paper and using binders to store the printed version.

The subject is finished when the printing is done. Have you ever wondered which way the paper needs to be placed in the printer to get the print on the correct side? Ok, it is easy to figure out but Richard does explain it.

A nice quick e-book from Richard. The only thing I would have liked was how to get your story printed/published as my Dad has written his memoirs for us kids and the grandkids and I would like to get that done for him. Maybe that is another e-book.

Thanks to Richard and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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