The Americans on D-Day, A Photographic History of the Normandy Invasion

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Martin K. A. Morgan
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240 pages, 360 B&W photos and 190 color photos
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Company: Zenith Press - Website: Visit Site
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This is a large, beautiful coffee table style photo-essay book. As the son of a D-Day veteran I was most anxious to read this book. 450 of the photos included are from the combat in Northern France. Some will seem familiar to the reader but many have never before been published. I especially like how in many cases the author has shown the original WWII photo and then beside or below that he has placed a modern photo of the same place taken at the same spot.

The book is divided into eight chapters! The are: The Buildup, From the Air, From the Sea, On the Beached, Point du Hoc, La Fiere, Graignes and Aftermath. Each is filled with photos that show everything from the men, equipment and geography to the carnage of battle.

I really liked this book. It shows to anyone who was not there a semblance of what it must have been like to be there on June 6, 1944. Anyone with an interest in D-Day or WWII will find this book essential. For the modeler there are so many photos to inspire dioramas, one two alone is worth the price. As this is the 70th anniversary of the invasion this is an appropriate book to buy. You will not be sorry. They were the Greatest Generation and they did save the world. The numbers of those who were there 70 years ago get smaller every day. One day they all will have left us. Books such as this will see that they and their exploits live on to teach and inspire new generations.

Our thanks to Zenith Press for the review copy and my thanks to IPMS/USA for the review opportunity!


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