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February 3, 2020
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It’s that time of year again. That time of year to think about purchasing your 2017 Cross & Cockade International Calendar. “But”, you say, “it is only June of 2016! What’s the hurry?”

Well, first, you should realize that there may just be a limit to the print run for these calendars. I honestly don’t know if there is such a limit, but if there were you’d rather be on the “I got mine” side of that line.

Secondly, “the profits from the sale of the 2017 Cross and Cockade International Calendar are once again going to assist in the upkeep of the British Air Services Memorial at the St-Omer airfield in northern France” according to Roger Tisdale of Cross & Cockade. There is always a need for support for this fund, so why wait until closer to the New Year to provide some financial support to this very worthy cause? One can check out the St-Omer Memorial at

Thirdly, the artwork is stunning and it is a treat for the eyes and mind to view the pictures contained in the calendar. Consider it an early Christmas present you can give a friend, or yourself, for that matter.

The calendar is 81/2 inches by 12 inches. The pages are “bound” on a set of small metal rings that allow for each month to be flipped to the reverse side, thus keeping the calendar together rather than having to remove each month’s page and discarding it. A small, sturdy mounting wire allows the calendar to be hung from a traditional picture hanger, a push pin, or a nail/screw head.

Thanks to Roger Tisdale and CCI for providing this calendar to IPMS/USA for review. This calendar is highly recommended due to the fact that the proceeds are used to honor the Airmen of WWI, and also the excellent quality of the artwork within the calendar.


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