Japanese 250kg Bomb w/Rack

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January 14, 2020
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Hauler-Brengun is well known as a supplier of high-quality aftermarket detail parts for aircraft, as well as other subjects. In this review, we will examine a resin 250kg bomb with rack for a 48th scale Japanese aircraft that was in service in World War II and may have carried such a weapon.

This item is a kit rather that a single aftermarket part. Assembly is required, although it won’t be time consuming or difficult. There is a small plastic baggie that contains the P.E. sheet inside the product package, and that, I assume, keeps the PE parts runner and P.E. parts from meshing with the parts on the resin part runners inside the packaging. On that sheet there are 7 parts. Four of the parts are the fins, labeled #3, and one part, labeled #1, consists of four rectangles forms the bracing that is attached to the rear of the fins and “braces” them, holding the fins in proper alignment. The remaining two parts, labeled # 2 are to be attached to the rod which extends from the nose of the bomb. I believe that only one of the parts is to be used. There are two resin part runners. The first of those part runners holds only one resin part, labeled R2. R2 is the bomb rack that is to be attached to the aircraft which is being “armed”.

The second resin part runner holds four resin parts. Part #R3 is the adjustment wheel, which when hand cranked on the real rack moves the bomb suspension gear forward or aft. Obviously, on this aftermarket rack, the adjustment wheel simply is glued on the Rack, R2 on a small circular attachment plate.

There are two resin parts, labeled R4 on this second resin part holder. Those two pieces are the attachment cradles that hold the bomb into position as it is being attached to the rack. Both of these parts need to be handled with extreme care as there is a small “fill” of flash that is holding these arms in their proper shape until it is time to attach them to the rack.

The remaining two part on this second parts runner are R5 and R6. Both are simple resin rods that are attached to either end of the rack, with R5 being attached to the front end of the rack, and R6 to the rear end of the rack.

The final resin part is, of course, the bomb itself. It is molded as a single part, thus avoiding any seams along the length of the bomb body that might require filling and sanding. Note that there is a “right side up” on the bomb when it comes time to attach it to the rack. The instructions show a small “nub” on the side of the bomb that should be attached to the pincer arms that extend out of the bomb surface of the rack, and those pincer arms are meant to “grab” that “nub”.

Some research will be necessary in order to determine the color that the rack should be painted, but that is beyond this item review. I found no issues with the review item or on the instructions sheet.

This product is highly recommended for its ease of construction, opportunity to be used on different model kits and on different aircraft subjects, quality of the molding, and clear instructions. Thanks to Hauler-Brengun for providing this item to IPMS for review.


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