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August 3, 2012
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Plusmodel is a Czech based producer of some very interesting kits, accessories, diorama “equipment,” and other assorted after-market goodies. A quick check of the Plusmodel website will show the depth and range of this company. There is an English language option for those who prefer the Queen’s English.

Garden Furniture is a balsa kit consisting of about 30 pieces, which builds into a very nice picnic table and two bench seats. The parts are contained in a single sheet of balsa which has been scored in a manner that allows the builder to remove them from the sheet and also punch out the various holes in the legs for the benches and table legs.

The parts appear far more delicate than they actually are but some care must be maintained so that the parts are not broken. I managed to break two parts but it did not impact the completion of the project, nor did it cause any problem with the appearance of the finished item. Working with balsa does have advantages over working in resin or plastic!

My primary tools for this project were simple. a sheet of glass provided a hard, clean surface upon which to handle the parts, a chisel point Xacto was used to remove the parts along the scored lines, and a bottle of common Elmer’s White Glue was used to assemble the parts.

The construction process, including time to allow the Elmer’s Glue to set up sufficiently, was just about 90 minutes. It is a simple process, greatly facilitated by the exploded view of the product that one receives inside the product packaging on a printed card.

The size of the finished item appears to be in scale with a 1/35th figure that was posed for one of the accompanying images, although the benches do seem a bit wide. But that is really picking a nit and if you wish to narrow the bench seats it is a simple matter to slice off one of the “slats” along the scoring lines.

I did not paint or weather the finished Garden Furniture, wishing to allow the modeler to view exactly what came in the packet, but it would be an easy chore to paint the furniture with any color of choice.


I highly recommend this product due to the ease of construction, the quality of the parts, and the final appearance of the completed project. Well done to Plusmodels and thanks for providing this item for review by IPMS/USA.


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