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June 1, 2011
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Base Kit
Fujimi 1/24 scale Ferrari 458 ITALIA
Company: Hobby Design - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hobby Design - Website: Visit Site

The Parts

Designed for the Fujimi 1/24 scale Ferrari 458 ITALIA, this photoetch set comes with two photoetched sheets covered with a plastic film. The film helps keep from losing the part when cutting them off the frets. Some of the parts are new brake disc; new Ferrari emblems; gas and brake pedals and air vents, to just name a few.


There is a one-page instruction sheet to show where the parts on the molded plastic needs to be cut out for the air vents. Other parts will need to be sanded in order to fit the new photo etched part over top of the brake disc. Other parts just replace the kit decals in order to give a more realistic look. After looking over the instructions and the kit parts several times you start to get a feel for what’s going on. In the photos I assembled one of the brake disc assemblies as an example. I will do a more detail work in progress on the forum here soon. I sanded away the molded plastic centers of the brake disc as you can see in the photo; I then removed the three PE parts that will be used for the new brake disc. There is not much to this: just remove the PE part and clean up the fret marks with a small file. In the instructions it shows that part #72 has some folding to be done to it. The outer edges were pretty easy to do with a flat pair of pliers (the ones with no teeth on the inside of them). As always it takes a little patience with these small parts but in the end you can get a real nice result.


I highly recommended these products for anyone who wants to add realism to their models. Hobby Design makes several different types of photoetched sets for cars and motorcycles which are worth checking out. Thanks to Hobby Design and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review these excellent products.


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