Porsche 962 Multimedia BBS Wheel Set

Published on
January 1, 2009
Review Author(s)
Base Kit
1/24 Porsche 962
Company: M & S Hobbies

Produced to fit the Tamiya Porsche 962 kit, this set contains four turned and polished aluminum wheels, cast white metal inserts, and a fret of photo-etched trim rings. Assembly is a very straightforward affair that involves installing the centers into the rims, and attaching the trim ring to the center. I recommend painting the center insert gold before installing them on the rims. After the photo etched trim ring is added, a dark wash was used to give a little added depth. The tires pressed on, and they were complete. The center lug nut could be polished, or painted depending on the car you’re modeling. Check your references when deciding what to do with the nut.

M & S Hobbies produced this set, and they look great! I checked numerous sources of pictures of BBS wheels on 962’s. The completed wheel sets match the photos very well. I liked the ease of assembly and the well thought out design of these wheels. They fit the Tamiya tires perfectly, and have front and rear widths correctly machined. I recommend these wheel sets to anyone building a 962, or any race car that sports BBS wheels. My thanks to M & S Hobbies, and IPMS 1st Vice President John Noack for supplying this sample for review.


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