Detail Up Parts for Beemax Porsche 935 K2 ’78 Le Mans

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Company: Beemax Model Kits - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Platz - Website: Visit Site

This set provides upgrades to the Porsche 935 K2 78 LM kit # BX24025 from Beemax. It includes a steel fret of metal parts including screens, wing and air deflectors, window straps and clips, seat belt hardware, brake rotor faces, fuel and oil flaps, windshield wiper and panel hold down pins. A strip of fabric for seat harnesses and turned metal ferules for jack connector and antenna, complete with antenna wire, round out the package.

Instructions show you where these parts add to or replace kit parts. The metal parts do not have connection points to clean up but be careful separating them from the adhesive backing. I found the best way is to cut around each part and then separate the backing from the part. That avoids bending the part while removing the backing plastic. The disadvantage I’ve found is the parts are steel and thick. Bending them cleanly is difficult.

The advantage of this set is primarily in two areas. The screens provided replace parts that are solid in injected plastic. The second is the seat harness. While the kit provides them as decals, nothing can compare to 3D belts with real fabric threaded through metal hardware. For those details alone, I can recommend this set.

Thank you to Beemax for the samples of both the kit and this detail set and to IPMS for sending it my way to share with you.


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