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Base Kit
Trumpeter 1/32 F/A-18E Hornet
Company: Eduard - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Eduard - Website: Visit Site
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Eduard has once again followed suit and comes right behind manufactures when a new kit is developed and released for sale. This time Eduard has come up with the full interior for the F/A-18E from Trumpeter. This package comes with enhancements for the instrument panel and side consoles in full color which have been copied to the exact specifications that can be allowed. The details of these PE parts just cannot be possibly duplicated by hand and, because of the perfect colors, it makes for the best possible instrument panel that can be replicated. This is also followed through with the side panels, small switches, and tiny dials which are located on the panels. Since all panels are self adhesive, gluing is not necessary unless handled improperly. Even so, if that should happen, a little CA glue should suffice to hold it in place. There are two frets included in this package. One of them is for the instrument and side panels which are in full color. The other fret, which is not self-adhesive, allows enhancements to the cockpit floor and small boxes which can be added to the firewall. Also included are items to add more details to the canopy, such as handles and mirrors.

I can’t recommend this enough for adding details to this cockpit and, although some experience with PE parts would help, anyone with good building skills should have no problem.

I would like to thank Eduard for providing this sample for reviewing and IPMS/USA for letting me review it.


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