F-4B Phantom Metal Landing Gear

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One of SAC’s (Scale Aircraft Conversions) latest gear is set 48402 for the wonderful Tamiya F-4B in 1/48th scale. The set has wonderfully cast metal parts to replace all the gear struts, retractions cylinders and other parts. They are drop in replacements and was I ever glad to get them for review and here’s why. I recently moved for work including 400 built models. During the move, my F-4B took a hit and broke off one gear leg. SAC to the rescue!

To start, I removed the tire from the broken gear leg and cleaned out the hole in the bottom of the fuselage making sure the new leg fit which it did with no issues. A quick clean up with sandpaper and then I primed with Tamiya fine primer, let it dry and painted the leg white. I added the tire, gave everything a quick gray wahs and glued it in place paying attention to angle and the like. Once dry, you would never know it was broken.

This was a value as I really like the kit and markings and want to keep it displayed. So in summary, they fit well, have the strength of metal and can salvage a loved kit. Heck yes they are recommended.

My thanks to IPMS/USA and SAC for making such a great product and helping me save a kit!


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