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This is a reissue of the Brengun Extra 300L with new markings and sporting a four-bladed prop. Introduced in 1988, Walter Extras' creation is a mainstay in the aerobatic training and competition world. Regular readers of this site will recognize this subject had been done before by me a few years ago (see Extra 300L/330LC published May 3, 2022). This time around I was provided the base kit. Brengun does make a PE set, vacuform canopy, and canopy masks for this kit. There are separate reviews for each on this site.

This kit consists of a single sprue molded in grey plastic. There are no locating pins or tabs as this is a short-run injection kit. An injected canopy is included as well as a decal sheet with three options on it. Two of those versions will require some masking and painting to finish them like the illustration. A Chilean Air Force aerobatic team and an Austrian Extra registered to Volker Fuchs are both finished in red, white, and blue. The third option is an Extra registered to Rolf Nagel in overall yellow with all markings included on the decal sheet.

The build is straightforward forward starting with a reasonably detailed cockpit that includes seats, control columns, instrument panels, and rudder pedals. Missing details include instrument panel decals and seat harnesses. I sourced both from my spare box. The flying surfaces and landing gear legs are all butt joints. You could probably get away with gluing them, but I elected to pin all those joints with brass wire. This aircraft is built from carbon fiber and fabric over a metal tube frame. That’s good news for the modeler because there are limited panel lines to restore.

I chose the yellow Extra “G-FIII”, mainly because it appealed to me. The finishing system is Tamiya XF-3 Flat Yellow over white primer. After several passes to build up the color, the model was given a gloss coat of Tamiya LP-9 Clear. Decals are a struggle on my previous build of this kit but not this time. They worked flawlessly. The long fuselage stripe wrapped around the cowling with only a bit of Micro Set. Very impressive! Once decaled, another coat of LP-9 sealed them in. The canopy doesn’t quite fit the cockpit opening being both too narrow and too tall at the back. I briefly toyed with the idea of tryingto heat it to flatten it out but decided to live with it.

Out of the box, this is a simple quick build. The paint scheme on two of the options will require a bit of experience. My only issue was the canopy fit. An easy solution is to pose it open. If you like colorful civil aircraft, I recommend this kit highly. Thank you to IPMS for the opportunity to add this to my collection and Brengun for the sample.


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