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November 16, 2021
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Those of us of a certain age remember well the Berlin Wall and what it stood for and probably still remember when it was torn down in 1989. Those of you who are younger may never heard of it. If not, it is worth an internet search.

The kit has already been reviewed here and a very nice job was done so I went for a less weathered look, partly to be different and partly because I haven’t decided how I want to display it yet. It yearns for a vignette or diorama setting.

The build is pretty simple. There are 3 sections of wall each made up of 3 parts. There are also 3 pieces to place on top of the wall though only 2 are needed for the 3-piece section.

When completed the section is just over 4 inches long, 4 inches high and almost 2 and a half inches wide.

The parts fill together well and no putty was needed. A quick spray with some rattle can grey and a gloss coat and you are ready for the decals. There are a lot of decals.

The wall was well decorated on the Western side and AFV Club provides a large decal sheet with multiple graffiti and written statements to decorate your wall as you see fit. I Googled for pics of the wall to get an idea for decal placement but the only decal I found in a picture was the blue guy who was part of an artist’s job after the wall came down. Since I couldn’t find anything else that seemed to match up, I just went with a small assortment. I can always add more later when I get to the display part.

Besides the historical significance of this model the other fun factor is the numerous display options you can do with it. Use whatever decals you want or if you are proficient with an airbrush, make your own. You can combine multiple kits together to get a longer stretch of wall and use it as a backdrop for a vehicle. If you are skilled enough you can also use it as a basis for the wall being torn down.

I really enjoyed this and am now on the lookout for a couple teens with spray cans as depicted in the box artwork.

Thanks to AFV Club and IPMS/USA for the review kit.


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