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June 29, 2021
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ICM continues with its growing tradition of providing suitable pilots for its newest 1/32nd releases, in this case the Tiger Moth training aircraft. Like most ICM figure sets, this one is comprised of four figures – three RAF cadets and an officer/trainer. One cadet is trying on a parachute harness while his classmates look on. This is a very simple set of figures to assemble, as there is only one piece of equipment between the four of them – the parachute harness.

As is typical of ICM, there are some subtle differences between the box art and the included figures. The only one that actually surprised me was that the officer on the box art is depicted holding a pipe, whereas the figure enclosed is not. His arm is in the same position, but no pipe, which makes for a slightly stilted-looking pose. This set does not appear to be sculpted by ICM’s master figure sculptor, A. Gagarin, and it shows in the comparatively stiff poses that all the figures exhibit. That being said, it doesn’t really detract from the figures and they certainly paint up very nicely and look the part.

In fact, if I have any quibble about this set at all, it’s that it is NOT in 1/32nd scale, at least by ICM standards. This didn’t really jump out at me until I examined them alongside some of ICM’s other pilot offerings. The difference is stark enough that I’d feel uncomfortable posing this set with any others in the ICM pilot’s range. They’re not just smaller – they’re at least a head shorter and then some.

Despite this fairly radical difference in size, this new set really is quite nice. The figures make a lovely vignette on their own, and should look terrific standing next to the Tiger Moth or other 1/32nd scale training aircraft of the era, such as the Harvard. I can comfortably recommend this set even so.

As always, thanks to ICM for catering to us aircraft/figure aficionados, and for continuing this excellent range. My thanks to IPMS/USA for entrusting this set to my fat fingers. Stay safe, everyone, and happy modeling!


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