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August 21, 2012
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Plus Model has provided the armor modeler with a finely cast and detailed model of a German power generator used in WWII.

A quick check on the internet found that the Plus Model generator is in fact the Breuer WG3000 (3kw) generator. This generator delivers 3000w/220v/13.6a and uses a two-cylinder horizontally-opposed four-stroke engine that makes 17hp at 1,500 rpm. It was about as large as they came that used a skid; any larger and they were mounted on a frame with wheels, to be towed. The Plus Model rendition contains 24 resin parts, a photo-etch sheet (made by Hauler) with 21 p.e. parts, and a short length of copper wire.

The parts came bubble-wrapped inside a small cardboard box, but mine had 5 pieces broken off the casting sprue. Checking the small two-sided instruction sheet, I was able to identify the parts. Only one was broken badly enough that I had to make a new piece out of some styrene strips, but this wasn’t a problem.

The castings came in a grey resin with delicate features. On two of my larger castings I had a couple of pin holes, but these were quickly filled with epoxy putty, so no problems there. With careful engineering and casting expertise, Plus Model has cast the skid in only two resin parts (1 & 2, see attached photo). Using a new #11 exacto blade, I was able to remove the thin casting flash and free the parts; after sanding, these were glued together with 5-minute epoxy. The engine/generator was assembled and then glued to the skid frame, again using some 5-minute epoxy. The rest of the model was put together following the next three steps, with the only changes on my part being the substitution of some .030” solder in place of parts 16 & 17, the exhaust lines from the engine to the muffler. I just never was able to get the resin parts to fit, and found the solder must easier to bend to fit. Also, I left off the fine chains and other small p.e. parts until painting and weathering was finished, then added them. But wait, there is more – not only do you get a power generator, but you also get a cable spool and two Jerry cans. The Jerry cans are cast in one piece and you only have to remove the flashing around the handholds to be able to use them after some painting. The spool frame is a one-piece photo-etch part that is easily folded (I only use tweezers to do this), and the resin spool and other pieces are added to complete this part.

This is a small gem of a model and would be very useful in an armor diorama, or as a piece of equipment being moved in the bed of a truck. I can highly recommend it to all modelers.

I want to thank Plus Model and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this kit.


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