BAC TSR.2-Lost Tomorrows of an Eagle

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October 17, 2010
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Paul Lucas, Illustrations by Andy Evans
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Format: Soft cover. 128 pp, 50 Color Profiles' fifteen 4-views
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Provided by: SAM Publications

This book is not so much a “what-if”, but more of a "what might have been" story. Everything is based on surviving tech orders, ads, and other papers that show what the RAF wanted to use the TSR.2 for, as well as the schemes it would have worn and weapons that would have been carried. Like its Canadian cousin the Avro Arrow, it has become the stuff of myth and legend.

The book is profusely illustrated with artwork, showing various markings and paint jobs that will give the modeler looking for something other than the prototype’s white paint scheme a lot to ponder. Like wise, the various weapons load outs will spark the modeler’s imagination.

I found this to be a well-researched and laid out book. The author has done his best to cover all possibilities of the what, where, and how of aircraft assignments. Also included are operations had the TSR.2 entered service.

This book will be of interest to the modeler and aviation enthusiast/historian and especially to fans of the TSR.2. If you do not like prototypes or projected service themes then this may not be the book for you. If those are things which interest you, I can recommend it. The book is available direct from the publisher at the website above. Our thanks to SAM Publications for our review copy!


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