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Legends of Warfare P-61 Black Widow

Published: January 23, 2023
Book Author(s): David Doyle
Company: David Doyle Books

David Doyle is well known to historians and modelers alike, with over 200 books to his credit. His Legends of Warfare series covers many of the important machines used in warfare. This latest volume is for the Northrup P-61 Black Widow. The P-61 was the first US purpose designed night fighter. Comparison in size to a medium bomber and with its twin-boom design the P-61 was a very distinctive… more


Classics #01 Spitfire Supermarine Mk. IX & Mk.XV1

Published: October 22, 2022
Book Author(s): Robert Pied, Nicolas Deboeck
Company: HMH Publications

This is the first book in a new detail series. The books are cover to cover gorgeous color photos of thirty of the thirty-nine flyable Mk IXs and XVIs around the globe. The book includes pictures of the various aircraft in flight, detail shots of the cockpits, fuselage, weapons and undergoing maintenance. These photographs are of the highest quality, showing intricate details. Many of these… more


Japanese Heavy Fighters 1939-1945

Published: October 22, 2022
Book Author(s): Dariusz Paduch
Company: Kagero Publishing

When most aviation enthusiasts and modelers think of heavy fighters, the image of larger, usually twin-engine aircraft such as the Bf-110, P-61 or Bristol Beaufighter come to mind. In Japan during WWII a heavy fighter designation meant an aircraft that were armed with large caliber machine guns and/or cannons. So, several small single engine fighters were considered to be “heavy fighters.”… more

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Focke-Wulf FW-190 Vol IV

Published: July 27, 2022
Book Author(s): Krzysztof Janowicz
Company: Kagero Publishing

This volume covers the Fw-190D and Ta-152 variants. It is presented in the familiar fashion of this publisher, with a column on each page in Polish and English. Captions and drawing explanations are also in both languages.

Text and photos make up the first seventy-five pages of this volume. These pages cover both technical development, changes between variants, and operational use. A… more

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P-51 Mustang

Published: July 5, 2022
Book Author(s): Martin W. Bowman
Company: Pen & Sword

The P-51 Mustang. An icon of WWII held in the same esteem as the Spitfire, Thunderbolt and Hurricane by enthusiasts and historians alike. Aviation historian martin W, Bowman has compiled a wonderful album of photos of all marks that saw combat, from the P-51A to the F-82G.

Some of these photos will be familiar to all, but many are new or have seldom been seen. There are nine pages of… more


Corsair Cockpits F4U-1 Family

Published: June 13, 2022
Book Author(s): Dana Bell
Company: Rivet Counter Guide Publications

This is volume 1 in a series. The book is by Dana Bell, well known author to modelers and historians alike for his work in aircraft colors. He is a retired researcher and Tech specialist for the NASM.

This volume covers the multitude of changes in the cockpits of Corsairs from the XF4U-1 through 1D built by Vought, The F3A-1 and 1A built by Brewster and those from theFG-1 to FG-1D… more


Fifth Generation Fighters

Published: June 13, 2022
Book Author(s): David Baker
Company: Tempest Books

This is a revised and updated edition of the book originally published in 2018. The book covers the most modern of fighter aircraft currently in use and development. It is divided into nineteen chapters.

The first six chapters of the book cover the development of Jet fighters after WWII along with advances in armament, the use of missiles attempting to replace dogfighting as well as… more

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XP-55 Ascender Landing Gear

Published: June 1, 2022
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions

Scale Aircraft Conversions is a name well known for their replacement white metal landing gear for many different scales and kits. This set provides replacement for the Modelsvit 1/48 XP-55. Besides the landing gear you are also given a white metal nosewheel gear bay roof which will no doubt aide in preventing the model from tail sitting or at least reduce the amount of added nose weight… more


Fairey Firefly

Published: May 3, 2022
Book Author(s): Matthew Willis
Company: Key Publishing Ltd

The Fairey Firefly was one of the most successful two-seat fighter/strike/attack aircraft used in WWII and beyond. While the type did have some teething problems at the beginning it proved its value across multiple theatres and two wars. The first action for the type was in Europe against the German battleship Tirpitz and then onto the Pacific against the Japanese, Later marks provided… more


The Forgotten American Volunteer Group

Published: April 17, 2022
Book Author(s): Dan Hagedorn
Company: Key Publishing Ltd

Everyone has heard of the AVG also know as the Flying Tigers and their exploits in WWII, but did you know that there was another AVG that served in Colombia in 1932? This book is their story.

In the early 1930s there was a border skirmish between Colombia and Peru when the latter invaded a very remote section of Columbia. So remote in fact that it was only accessible by floatplane or… more