1980 Jeep Honcho "Ice Patrol"

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This is a review of the Revell ’80 Jeep Honcho “Ice Patrol” kit.


There was little flash on the engine parts but there is also very little detail. You get just a very basic engine with a way oversize fanbelt.


Only faint engraving can be seen on the door panels making it very difficult to detail paint. The kit does have 2 different decals for the gauge cluster.


The body went together pretty well. The rear portion of the box is a separate piece that I didn’t care for, but it fit very well. You get a choice with decals in either blue tone or orange. My choice was the blue to go along with the Tru-Color metallic bright Atlantic Blue paint. The inside of the box was painted with Rustoleum texture paint for a spray in bedliner look.

The kit comes with a toolbox, 2 gas cans and a snowmobile. Once assembled, the sled won’t fit in the box of the truck with the tailgate up.


The frame rails are separate from the chassis pan making for detail painting easier. Front, rear suspension, and exhaust are all separate pieces. All together, they make for a very pleasing assembly.


The instructions are several pages long with suggested paint color for specific parts and a numbered list to tell you what part is what .

This was a pretty basic kit but still enjoyable. Thank you to Revell and IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.


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