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Another in ICM’s range of paint sets for use with their figures is this set for British WWII Infantry, indicated for use with their figure sets - #35616 ‘You are important to God’; #35617 ‘Montgomery’s Staff (Figures)’; and #35646 ‘British Vickers MG Crew’, although they can of course be used for any British WWII infantry figures.

The set contains the following 12ml paint pots; I have listed their intended uses:

  • 1008 Deep Brown – for weapon stocks and other wooden parts
  • 1027 Gun Metal Metallic – for weapons
  • 1059 Green Ochre - webbing
  • 1062 British Khaki – Uniform clothing
  • 1069 Extra Dark Green – helmets and various accessories
  • 2001 Varnish Matt

The back of the box has a couple of drawings showing where to use each colour on the figures.

ICM’s standard dumpy little pots have deep lids with rims to prevent the paint drying in the screw-top thread, something I appreciate! The paint is very thick which is good for brush-painting, but they will need to be thinned for airbrush use, using distilled water or acrylic thinners. They dry with a very flat matt finish, so the inclusion of the matt varnish pot is a bit superfluous and I would have appreciated a flesh colour in its place. For brush painting, as I did, two coats are required for even coverage, but the paint dries quickly and overcoating the same day is possible.

As for the accuracy of the paints, compared to online photos of period uniforms, the paints do seem to match up pretty well; of course, uniforms do fade and stain easily with use, so there’s no need to worry too much about exact shades and it can be easily mixed with other colours from the range.

I used some old Airfix 1/32 Multipose British WWII Infantry figures as my guinea pigs and you can see the results in the photos.

These are good little paints, smaller and less expensive that other brands which is ideal if you only require paints for a specific project, and a set means you have just about all you might need in one handy pack. My thanks for the review sample to the hard-working folks at ICM, who still manage to turn out lots of product despite being in the middle of a warzone.


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