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Hawker Typhoon, The RAF's Ground-Breaking Fighter-Bomber

Published: September 18, 2023
Book Author(s): Tony Buttler
Company: Key Publishing Ltd

Although designed as a fighter to replace the Hawker Hurricane, the Typhoon found fame as a ground attack aircraft and as a rocket-firing tank buster. In this small, mainly photographic volume, acclaimed British author Tony Buttler concisely outlines the development and career of this charismatic aircraft from its inception at the start of World War II to its service demise in 1946. A short… more

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Dambusters and the Lancaster, Warpaint Special #6

Published: August 29, 2023
Book Author(s): Desmond Brennan
Company: Guideline Publications

Operation Chastise, the Dambusters Raid, hardly needs an introduction to anyone remotely interested in military aviation history. In this 80th anniversary year, there are several new books about the raid. This slim new volume from Guideline explores different aspects of the operation, its build-up, and aftermath in a general and abbreviated manner.

Author Des Brennan will be familiar… more

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Eagles of Destiny, Volume 2: Growth and Wars of the Pakistan Air Force 1958-1971

Published: July 9, 2023
Book Author(s): Yawar Mazhar & Usman Shabbir
Company: Helion & Company

Part of the Asia@War series, Eagles of Destiny Volume 2 is a detailed account of the transformation of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) with the help of the first US MDAP, and how its leadership utilized this opportunity to create a modern air force. It provides detailed coverage of the PAF's participation in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War, based on official documentation and material from private… more

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Boeing B-1B Lancer in USAF Service

Published: July 9, 2023
Book Author(s): Robert Pied and Nicolas Deboeck
Company: HMH Publications

The Rockwell (I have a hard time pretending it is a ‘Boeing’ aircraft…!) B-1B has been an integral part of the USAF’s bomber force since the 1980s and is still a highly capable aircraft, though the arrival of the B-21 in the near future will end its sterling service.

This latest book in the ‘Duke Hawkins’ series brings a complete portrait of the B-1B, covering the type in great detail… more

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OV-10A USMC Light Attack Aircraft

Published: July 6, 2023
Company: ICM

The OV-10A Bronco was a light attack/recon/COIN aircraft designed in the 1960s for use by three US services, the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps and amazingly enough was eventually bought and used by all three. First entering service in 1969 in time to serve in Vietnam, the type exited service in 1995, shortly after seeing service in the Iraq War. Some are still flying with civilian… more

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Bristol Blenheim, Top Drawings #130

Published: April 18, 2023
Book Author(s): Anirudh Rao
Company: Kagero Publishing

The Bristol Blenheim was one of the most popular British aircraft at the beginning of World War II. It was a very versatile and modifiable machine, and therefore typical bomber, reconnaissance, and fighter (including night) versions were created.

Kagero’s Top Drawings series has covered many of the World’s leading combat aircraft and now it’s the turn of the Blenheim to receive the… more

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Airspeed Oxford and Consul, Warpaint #136

Published: April 18, 2023
Book Author(s): William Harrison
Company: Guideline Publications

The Airspeed Company was set up by future novelist Neville Shute Norway in Portsmouth, Britain, in the mid-Thirties, building small passenger aircraft. During WWII, the RAF relied on the twin-engined Airspeed Oxford as a multi-purpose trainer for a wide variety of roles, including pilot and aircrew training, aerial photography, navigation, and even gunnery training when fitted with an… more


F/A-18C Quick Set 3D Acrylic Instrument Panel

Published: February 22, 2023
Company: Red Fox Studio

Red Fox Studios are a new company to me. Based in Hungary, they are a producer of resin upgrades and decals, including a range of 3D instrument panel decals, of which this review item is one.

Designed for the Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18C Hornet kit, this product has a plastic, non-flat surface with a 3D effect. It is best glued with cyanoacrylate, but PVA or other glues can also be used. The… more

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TOS Galileo Shuttle and Voyager Crew Figures

Published: February 22, 2023
Company: Cozmic Scale Models

Fans of the original Star Trek series will recall such classic episodes as The Galileo Seven, where one of the Enterprise’s shuttlecraft, the Galileo, and her (7) crew members are trapped on an alien planet and are being attacked by mysterious hairy beasts with weak pole-throwing abilities….

Anyways, while we have had model kits of the Galileo in the past in 1/35, this is the first… more


Beaufort Mk. I

Published: January 14, 2023
Company: ICM

The Bristol Beaufort torpedo bomber was developed for the RAF in 1938 using the experience gained from the Blenheim light bomber. Seeing service from 1940 with RAF Coastal Command, the type saw action across the World’s oceans, but most notably in the Channel and Mediterranean, as a torpedo bomber, conventional bomber and mine layer, until replaced in frontline service by the derivative… more