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January 27, 2014
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Base Kit
Monogram F-101A, B or C
Company: True Details - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Squadron - Website: Visit Site

Another beautifully cast set of resin parts to make our models better from our friends at MMD/Squadron; thanks very much to you for providing IPMS USA this review item!

Another of Monogram’s better kits, the F-101B has been re-released in several different guises. Most recently it was released with a new decal sheet and markings, but it’s still the standby F-101B.

As stated before, these seats really make a bid difference between the standard model seats with their molded-on harness. Although the kit seats were more than adequate, this set from True Details takes the illusion of reality a step further. Cast in Gray resin, the seats have fantastic harness detail (I much prefer these to Photoetch; they just look better to me) and the rest of the seat is also upgraded. Easy to install; paint, remove the casting block, and superglue in place.

A definite must for your ‘101, be it a 101 A, B, or C. The seat was the same… Thanks again to True Details for providing us this set for review and making them available to those of us with AMS!


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