SAC Hawker Hurricane Landing Gear (2 Sets)

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Scale Aircraft Conversions, or SAC, make replacement landing gear for a wide variety of aircraft, in all the major scales. They are cast in white metal, which is stronger than the kit’s plastic pieces. To quote the company’s website, “Some sets consist of the main gear only while others include the nose gear, tail gear and/or adjacent related components. Some inaccuracies in the original kit gear have been corrected but the mounting points remain identical to the factory parts.”

This set is made to replace the parts for Airfix’s new-mold Hawker Hurricane Mk.I. The kit parts are nicely molded and scale thickness but some of the parts are a bit fragile. The SAC parts will stand up to handling better than the kit parts, allowing a certain amount of adjustment if necessary during installation. They are also keyed in the same manner as the kit parts, ensuring the wheels mount correctly with their molded-in flat spots on the bottom. Additionally, the tail wheel is part of the set and, if you’re like me, the fact that it will be more difficult to break off is worth the set by itself. The only issue I found with this set is that one part of each strut that is included on the kit parts is not molded in the SAC parts. That would be the retraction piston that goes from the inboard mounting point of the retraction strut to the inboard end of the wheel well. Should be easy enough to remove from the kit part and pre-install in the wheel well.

These are well-made parts that, with the minor exception of the retraction strut piston, are drop-in replacements, plus you get two sets of landing gear in the package. I know I’ll be building more than one of Airfix’s Hurricane. Thanks to SAC for providing the set for review and to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.


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